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Usage Guidelines

As with any image licensing service...

We have a few guidelines on what is appropriate use of the images on this site. By respecting these guidelines, you are supporting, not just the artist, but the creative process which makes these images available.

Yes, you may…

Soulful Art Image Licensing provides a wide variety of high-resolution, downloadable images to use in your worship, educational, and presentation activities. Acceptable use of these images includes:

  • Worship bulletins
  • Personal Zoom backgrounds and screen savers
  • Power Point displays during meetings, classes, and other educational venues
  • Annual reports and quarterly updates
  • Banners (temporary use)
  • Websites (an image on a website is considered a onetime use and does not expire after a year)
  • Newsletters and flyers
  • The images you download are for your use and your projects only

When you purchase and download a single image for one of the above uses, it grants you permission for a one-time use of the image. For example, if you use an image on your church bulletins on a given day, this is qualifies as a one-time use. But if you plan to use the same image in a worship service later in the year, or for another occasion, you must download it again (unless you have an All Access Pass subscription, which grants you unlimited use during a 12 month period).

When you purchase and download one or more images to use in one of the above ways, you are granted a licensed right to use the images for these purposes.

If you would like to use the images on this site for any other purpose, check out “Additional Uses” below.

No, you may not…

The following uses are not allowed, except in certain cases which have an asterisk (*). See Additional Uses below.

  • No commercial use: You may not use the images on this site for any project which produces income*
  • No alteration of images: You may not alter the appearance the images
  • No derivative art: You may not use the images on this site in the creation of derivative art
  • No long term projects: You may not use the images for long duration projects without permission*
  • No logos or trademarks: You may not use the images on this site for a logo without permission*
  • No third party users: You may not resell or provide downloaded images to other parties for their use
  • No screenshots: Please respect the copyright of the artist and do not take screenshots of the images

Additional Uses:

Evergreen and income-producing projects

If you’d like to use images from this site in any of the ways listed below please contact us since other guidelines apply.

  • Logos and trademarks
  • Magazines
  • Books: covers and internal images
  • Greeting cards (see below)
  • Conference posters ???
  • Devotional booklets
  • Permanent banners
  • Similar and any income producing projects


Custom License required

For the above listed and similar types of use, in which you use the images on this site for profit-generating purposes, you must first obtain permission. Please contact us at to request a Custom License. Be specific in your email how you would like to use the image(s) and we’ll be in touch. The scope of the project will determine the additional licensing fees.

If you’re not sure whether a particular project you’re working on needs approval, please contact us at But first, we recommend you check the Frequently Asked Questions page, which may have the answer to your question.

When you purchase and download one or more images from this site, you are agreeing to these Usage Guidelines and the Licensing Agreement.

soulful art banner,

Artistic Accreditation

  • In using Polly Castor’s artwork in printed materials, such as a church bulletin, you agree to credit her in the following way:
    Title of artwork © Polly Castor.
  • If you use an image in a Power Point or projected presentation, you do not need to include a credit line with the image. It can be added to the end credits of the presentation.